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About Me

My Background

Just before I graduated from high school, I confessed to my principal I didn't know what I wanted to do next. She suggested I become an artist. She and my other teachers couldn't have helped but notice that all my tests and assignments over the years had been covered in drawings. I said, "You mean I can do that?" And thus began my career as an artist. I attended University of Miami as an Art major the next year.  Since then I've had 22 one-man shows, mostly in New York City, and have had my art represented in museum and private collections throughout the US.

My Medium

I usually use oil and pastels when I paint. Most of the works available for purchase at Harvey Konigsberg Art are either limited edition archival prints or mixed media. For the mixed media, I start with a print and then enhance it with paint to make a unique work of art. Working in mixed media allows me to create original art that can be offered at a more affordable price.

My Inspiration

I have been a practitioner or teacher of Aikido for over 50 years and currently hold the rank of 7th degree blackbelt and Shihan (master teacher). Many of my paintings have been directly inspired by this beautiful martial art. I believe art should be a luminous experience for both the artist and viewer. To create this experience in my work, I continuously  strive to use movement and form to reveal the unseen world. I achieve this goal by suspending the classical notion of foreground, background and subject to focus entirely on the total interrelationship of all facets of the work to reveal the elemental force of the universe...

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